Getting in touch quickly using slack

What is slack?

Slack is a free instant messaging application running on multiple platforms, including mobile phones. It is ideal for short discussions which do not need archiving. Whether it is to ask methodological questions, get some help with R, coordinate meetings or developments, to announce an event, or for social purposes. This is the best place to interact virtually with our community.

What to use it for?

Slack is designed for chats and interactive discussions; it will be your go-to for most topics such as:

  • getting general help with R
  • getting help on a specific data analysis
  • discussing methods and statistics
  • discussing events such as conferences and workshops
  • coordinating social events
  • getting together a working group on a topic of your choice

How to use it?

You can join our slack organisation by registering your email here. Once you confirmed your address, you can acess our slack by going to Slack will work from most web browsers; alternatively, you can install the slack app for your system once you have logged into slack (check this video to see how).

Announcements and news: use our mailing list

What to use it for?

Our mailing list is opened to all, RECON member or not, and is used mostly for announcements about new packages, events, job ads, and some occasional in-depth discussions on health analytics.

  • to advertise a new position, an R package, a blog post, a relevant paper, or an event
  • to advertise a need for staff deployment for an outbreak response
  • to ask for help for a given project
  • to ask a question about statistical methods, the use of a package, or on how to achieve a specific task in R (although we may point you to slack for practical help, sharing code etc.)

How to join?

Send an email to with your name and email address to be added to the mailing list.