The forum

What is the RECON forum?

The RECON forum provides a platform for public as well as private discussions relating to the use and development of tools for disease outbreaks analysis in R. Since March 2018, we have replaced the former Discourse forum by a simple mailing list, which turns out to be easier to use for most people.

What to use it for?

RECON member or not, you should feel free to join the forum and send post relating to outbreak analysis. This can be, for instance:

  • to ask a question about statistical methods, the use of a package, or on how to achieve a specific task in R
  • to advertise a new position, an R package, a blog post, a relevant paper, or an event
  • to advertise a need for staff deployment for an outbreak response
  • to ask for help for a given project
  • to offer a specific type of help

How to use it?

Follow this link to subscribe to this mailing list, browser the archives, etc.

To post to the forum, send an email to Note that the list is moderated for non-members, so that you will need to subscribe to make sure your post goes through.

RECON on slack

What is slack?

Slack is a free instant messaging application running on multiple platforms, including mobile phones. It is ideal for discussing projects, coordinating ongoing developments, or getting help on technical issues.

What to use it for?

Slack is designed for chat and interactive discussions; it will typically be more suitable than emails for:

  • live project coordination
  • rapid technical help
  • chatting across computers and mobile devices

How to use it?

You can join our slack channels by going to Slack will work from most web browsers; alternatively, you can install the slack app for your system once you have logged into slack (check this video to see how).