How can I join the RECON community?

There are multiple ways to get involved with RECON

  • Subscribe our email announcements list to keep up with our activities and learn about development, training, or deployment opportunities. Sign up with the form below.
  • Join our Slack workspace to chat with others involved in RECON activities and use RECON tools.
  • Join as a member, who actively contributes to the development of analytics resources for RECON’s areas of interest; this is typically more involved but also offers advantages reserved to members; see the Becoming a member section below

Becoming a member

Who are our members?

Our members form the backbone of RECON. They are actively involved in the development of analytics tools, contribute free and open training material, run our workshops, teach at our short courses, or are deployed to the field where they battle-test our resources to inform the response to disease outbreaks, health emergencies, and humanitarian crises. Through votes at our annual General Assembly, they can shape activities of RECON, and are also elligible for roles in the Executive Board.

Why become a member?

Members benefit from a number of advantages; they can:

  • attend general assemblies to shape the activities of RECON
  • have free access to the RECON mailing lists and forums
  • advertise their work, when in line with the remit of RECON, on the association media, including newsletters, mailing lists, discussion forums, blogs and websites
  • possess a confidential list of other RECON members to facilitate networking within the association
  • attend meetings not otherwise open to the public, such as internal training workshops, hackathons and retreats organised by the association
  • typically get a discount on RECON events where a registration fee applies
  • apply for, and benefit from internal resources of RECON (e.g. funding, equipment)
  • (contributing members) vote at general assemblies to shape the activities of RECON
  • (contributing members) be candidates to any post of the executive board during its election

Benefits to members are formally defined in Article 5.4 of our statutes

How to become a member?

RECON aims to gather a community of people actively involved in the development of free analytics resources to inform the response to disease outbreaks, health emergencies, and humanitarian crises. Beyond the development of analytics tools, this also includes people contributing to training and capacity building, and people battle-testing our resources in the field.

Anyone can apply to become a regular member of RECON, in order to be involved in RECON projects and events. Contributing members need to have made a contribution in any of the areas of RECON activities including software development, training and capacity building, or field deployment. See our statutes for more details on contributions; below is a quick summary:

  • software development: you made a substantial contribution to RECON packages (hosted at, either through new functions, new automated tests, documented datasets, or by contributing new documentation

  • training and capacity building: you contributed training material, typically on, taught at one of our short courses, or co-organised a RECON workshop or a similar event using RECON materials

  • field deployment: you battle-tested our resources during a deployment in country to respond to a disease outbreak, a health emergency, or a humanitarian crisis

Online application form

Data privacy statement

In relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we hereby provide you with information regarding the data you provide while joining RECON as a member. In short:

  • your data’ refers to the information you provide when sending a request to become a RECON member using the form linked above, including the profile picture displayed online; when filling in the form, it will be made clear which data becomes public or remains private; private data will typically be your contact details

  • your data will not be used for any commercial purpose

  • the public part of your data will be used to generate your public profile on the RECON website; this does not include personal contact information

  • your private data may be made available to other RECON members; when filling in the form, you will be asked if you wish for this data to be made available

  • you can review, amend, or remove your data by contacting us via email