Change to come!

RECON is currently being turned into a formal NGO structure. As such, membership will be formally redefined within a few weeks. In the meantime, registrations are frozen. The descriptions below relate to the former membership rules.

Who can join?

RECON aims to gather a community of people actively involved in the development of R packages for outbreak response. We are also welcoming experienced R developers as well as public health officers specialised in outbreak response. If you are not directly involved in outbreak response analytics, please send an email to Thibaut Jombart to explain briefly why you would like to join, after having filled the registration form below. It is not uncommon for registrations to be put on a waiting list, so feel free to enquire if the process takes too long.

What does ‘joining’ mean?

Members have no obligation towards RECON. The ownership of any published material remains with their author(s).

Members of RECON will:

  • be able to advertise their packages and relevant publications on this website
  • be able to publish posts on the RECON blog
  • be able to use the Resources section to share data, scripts, and teaching material
  • be automatically invited to the RECON forum, which will host private and public discussions relating to outbreak analysis, modelling, and R programming
  • benefit from the expertise of other members in R package development
  • be invited to future RECON events (depending on practical constraints)
  • be able to host their package on the RECON github organization, although this is by no way mandatory

How to join?

Registrations are frozen whilst RECON is being transformed into a formal NGO structure.

In relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we hereby provide you with information regarding the data you provide while joining RECON. In short:

  • ‘your data’ refers to the information you provide when sending a request to join RECON using the form linked above, including the profile picture displayed online
  • your data will not be used for any commercial purpose
  • your data will not be shared with any third party
  • part of your data will be used to generate your public profile on the RECON website, with the exception of your email address, which will not be made public
  • you can review, amend, or remove your data by sending us an email