This package compiles a series of publicly available disease outbreak data. Data can be provided as R objects (loaded automatically when loading the package), text files distributed alongside the package, or functions generating a dataset.

The following R datasets are currently available:

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Installing the package

To install the current stable, CRAN version of the package, type:


To benefit from the latest features and bug fixes, install the development, github version of the package using:


Note that this requires the package devtools installed.

Add your own data!

How to add data?

We will try to create a better repository and data submission system at a later stage. The purpose of the current package is only to share examplar datasets during the hackathon. Acceptable forms are: - as a .RData files in the data/ folder (recommended) - as a text file in the inst/ folder - as a function loading/assembling/simulating a dataset

Naming Conventions

We use the lower case throughout, and snake_case (using underscores) to separate words for the files and dataset names, so that for a RData object, a new dataset woud look like: `my_new_data_RData’. Try using informative names, typically using the disease first. Whenever available, order fields as: 1. disease: mandatory 2. location: optional 3. year: optional 4. sim: mandatory if this is a simulated dataset; otherwise data is assume to be an actual outbreak 5. other: (any other relevant information)

Contributors (by alphabetic order):

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