Executive board

These people are currently heading RECON.

Finlay Campbell

Sofware Coordinator. Data scientist interested in outbreak analysis and R package development. WHO Geneva, Switzerland.

Anne Cori

Methodology Coordinator. Statistician specialized in disease modelling and outbreak response. Imperial College London, UK.

Flavio Finger

Vice President. Epidemiologist & Outbreak Analyst at Epicentre, Paris, France

Thibaut Jombart

Founder, President, Treasurer. Statistician and R programmer specialized in outbreak analysis. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine / Imperial College London, UK.

Patrick Keating

Deputy Secretary, Field Deployment Coordinator. Infectious disease epidemiologist using R for analysis. Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, Austria.

Greg Martin

Communication Coordinator. Health service executive; host of Global Health and R Programming 101 YouTube series

Lulla Opatowski

Deputy Secretary. Lecturer in mathematical epidemiology. Universite Versailles St Quentin / Institut Pasteur / Inserm, France.

Janetta Skarp

Training Coordinator. PhD student working in infectious disease modelling, contributor to RECON packages. Imperial College London, UK.

Claire Thomson

Deputy Treasurer. Project coordinator with a Public Health background. Imperial College London, UK.

Charlie Whittaker

Secretary. PhD student, epidemiologist at Imperial College London, UK.


Members are people actively involved in, and contributing to, RECON’s activities. See this page if you would like more information on membership.

Dean Attali

Web and R developer, designer of the RECON website. AttaliTech, Canada.

Marc Baguelin

Mathematical modeller and health economist specialised in Public Health intervention. Strong believer in open code and sharing. Public Health England, UK.

Amrish Baidjoe

Field epidemiologist/microbiologist, outbreak response expert. President of the EPIET alumni network.

Neale Batra

Communicable disease epidemiologist specialized in emergency response and preparedness

Sangeeta Bhatia

Modeller and software developer contributing packages for outbreak analysis using digital surveillance data. Imperial College London, UK.

Matthew Biggerstaff

Epidemiologist focused on using modeling and forecasting outputs to inform public health decision making. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

Hannah Brindle

Research Fellow with the Emergency and Epidemic Data at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Current work on electronic data collection methods, automated reporting and research during health emergencies. Experience in spatio-temporal analysis.

Jun Cai

PhD candidate interested in influenza transmission dynamics and R programming. Center for Earth System Science, Tsinghua University, China.

Zulma Cucunuba

Vector borne disease modelling to inform public health policy, emphasis in Latin America. Imperial College London, UK.

Roz Eggo

Infectious disease modeller of outbreaks, epidemics, and endemic infections. LSHTM, UK.

Rich Fitzjohn

R developper specialized in data analysis infrastructures. Imperial College London, UK.

Simon Frost

Viral evolution, dynamics and epidemiology. University of Cambridge, UK.

Amy Gimma

Software development / data management & analysis / research fellow

Michael Höhle

Statistical modelling in infectious disease epidemiology. Stockholm University, Sweden.

Benido Impouma

Preparedness for, surveillance of and response to disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies. World Health Organization, Congo, Republic.

Christopher Jarvis

Statistician and Researcher at LSHTM.

Samuel Jenness

Epidemic modeling, network science, HIV/STI epidemiology. Emory University, USA.

Zhian Kamvar

R developer and population geneticist. Imperial College London, UK.

Henry Kyobe-Bosa

Epidemiologist with interest in outbreak risk analysis, surveillance and response to emerging infectious diseases. African Risk Capacity, South Africa.

Olivier Le Polain

Senior Epidemiologist, UK-Public Health Rapid Support Team, UK.

Annick Lenglet

Epidemiological Advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières OCA

Paula Moraga

Spatial statistics and disease surveillance. Lancaster University, UK.

VP Nagraj

R developer and contributor to epicontacts package. University of Virginia, USA.

Pierre Nouvellet

Modelling for outbreak response and zoonotic diseases. Imperial College London, UK.

Pawel Piatkowski

Bioinformatician, avid R/Shiny programmer. Independent contractor (working for Genentech/Roche), Poland.

Jonathan Polonsky

Epidemiologist focusing on humanitarian and outbreak settings. I use R for automating analyses and reproducible reporting. World Health Organisation, Switzerland.

Juliet Pulliam

Infectious disease modeler focusing on outbreaks and zoonotic diseases. Acting Program Director of the ICI3D. Director, South African Centre for Epidemioligcal Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA), South Africa.

Karthik Ram

Data scientist and ecologist, Karthik is also heading the rOpenSci initiative. UC Berkeley, USA.

Nistara Randhawa

Epidemiologist and R programmer contributing to the Epicontacts package. University of California, Davis, USA.

Ilana Schafer

Veterinary epidemiologist with expertise in field outbreak response, and software development for outbreak data management and contact tracing. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

Dirk Schumacher

R developer with experience in infectious disease epidemiology, surveillance and outbreak response. Berlin, Germany.

Jakob Schumacher

Public Health Consultant in Berlin, Germany

Alex Spina

Infectious disease epidemiologist using R for surveillance data and outbreak response. Austrian Agency for Food and Health Safety / European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Austria.

Savina Stoitsova

Infectious disease epidemiologist (EPIET alumni) based in Bulgaria, interested in affordable analytic tools for outbreak response. National center of infectious and parasitic diseases, Bulgaria.

Jean-Pierre Veyrenche

International expert (WHO, IOM, UNICEF) in WASH and operations management for emergency response to health crises. Freelance consultant, France.

Advisory board

We are extremely lucky to have the following people supporting and guiding our efforts:

Gregory Armstrong

Director of the Advanced Molecular Detection initiative, with extensive experience in epidemiology and outbreak response at CDC, Atlanta, USA.

Gabor Csardi

Computer scientist with a strong background in statistics and network theory, Gabor is a prominent member of the R community who develops and contributes to a number of major packages such as igraph, roxygen and R6. Mango Solutions, Chippenham, UK.

Christl Donnelly

Professor of Statistical Epidemiology, Fellow of the Royal Society, Christl has extensive experience in epidemics analysis and emergency outbreak response. Imperial College London, UK.

Jennifer Gardy

Canada Research Chair in Public Health genomics at the university of British Columbia and BC Centre for Disease Control, with extensive experience in inferring disease transmission from genomic data. Vancouver, Canada.

Oliver Morgan

Acting Director, Health Emergency Information and Risk Assessment Department, World Health Organisation. Geneva, Switzerland.

Jacco Wallinga

Professor of infectious disease modelling at Leiden University Medical Center, Head of the Infectious Disease Modelling Department at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands.