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The R Epidemics Consortium (RECON) assembles a group of international experts in infectious disease modelling, Public Health, and software development to create the next generation of analysis tools for disease outbreak response using the R software. This includes packages specifically designed for handling, visualising, and analysing outbreak data using cutting-edge statistical methods, as well as more general-purpose tools for data cleaning, versioning, and encryption, and system infrastructure.

Our approach aims to fulfil three key aspects:

  • Efficiency: our tools can be used in real time to improve situation awareness and inform intervention strategies.

  • Reliability: our tools are thoroughly and constantly tested using professional software development methods.

  • Accessibility: our tools are free, open-source, and available on virtually any platform; they can be used with different levels of expertise, and provide graphical user interfaces implementing the most important functionalities.

Besides its active involvement in the creation of tools, RECON also provides expertise to encourage and promote the use of R for epidemics analysis. See our resources section as well as the RECON forum.