This function plots epicontacts objects using various approaches. The default method uses vis_epicontacts.

# S3 method for epicontacts
plot(x, y = "id", method = c("visNetwork", "graph3D"),
  thin = TRUE, ...)



An epicontacts object


An integer or a character string indicating which attribute column in the linelist should be used to color the nodes.


A character string indicating the plotting method to be used; available values are "visNetwork" and "graph3D"; see details.


A logical indicating if the data should be thinned so that only cases with contacts should be plotted.


Further arguments passed to the plotting methods.


This function is merely a wrapper for other plotting functions in the package, depending on the value of method:

See also

vis_epicontacts, which uses the package visNetwork.


if (require(outbreaks)) { ## example using MERS outbreak in Korea, 2014 head(mers_korea_2015[[1]]) head(mers_korea_2015[[2]]) x <- make_epicontacts(linelist = mers_korea_2015[[1]], contacts = mers_korea_2015[[2]], directed=TRUE) ## Not run: ------------------------------------ # plot(x) # plot(x, "place_infect") # plot(x, "loc_hosp", legend_max = 20, annot = TRUE) # plot(x, 4) # plot(x, 4, method = "graph3D") ## --------------------------------------------- }