This function subsets an epicontacts object based on defined size(s) of clusters (clusters being groups of connected individuals/nodes). Subsetting may be done by specifying a particular cluster size of interest, minimum cluster size, maximum cluster size, or a range (minimum and maximum) of cluster sizes.

subset_clusters_by_size(x, cs = NULL, cs_min = NULL, cs_max = NULL)



an epicontacts object


cluster size to be used for subsetting


minimum cluster size for subsetting


maximum cluster size for subsetting


An epicontacts object whose contact dataframe corresponds to all clusters of specified cluster sizes.


if (require(outbreaks)) { ## build data x <- make_epicontacts(ebola_sim$linelist, ebola_sim$contacts, id="case_id", to="case_id", from="infector", directed=TRUE) ## subset based on cluster size range x_subset <- subset_clusters_by_size(x, cs_min = 12, cs_max = 15) ## subset based on single cluster size x_subset <- subset_clusters_by_size(x, cs = 12) ## subset based on minimum cluster size x_subset <- subset_clusters_by_size(x, cs_min = 10) ## subset based on maximum cluster size x_subset <- subset_clusters_by_size(x, cs_max = 9) }