Making outbreak analysis easier and prettier

This micro-hackfest was dedicated to designing web-based graphical user interfaces (someone said 'shiny'?) for RECON packages. We focussed on facilitating the user experience, by defining some sort of standard look-and-feel, and on facilitating the development of these interfaces. In a nutshell, outcomes include:

  • ⚫ some new shiny modules for data import in the new shinyHelpers package
  • ⚫ the new package recon.ui providing templating for shiny interfaces for RECON packages
  • ⚫ a new shiny interface for the incidence package: incidence.ui
  • ⚫ a new shiny interface for the epicontacts package: epicontacts.ui

The Participants

Dean Attali

/// Absolute shiny guru, module writing (shinyHelpers), templating (recon.ui).

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Dirk Schumacher

/// Certified shiny black-belt (1st degree), epicontacts.ui, templating.

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Thibaut Jombart

/// Organiser, shiny blue-belt, naive questions, incidence.ui

Imperial College London

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Rich FitzJohn

/// Initial discussions and curbing of enthusiasm, R wisdom, coffee breaks.

Imperial College London, rOpenSci (UK)

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Jack Olney

/// Initial discussions, Copperfieldian disappearances.

Imperial College London

James Hayward

/// Logistics magic and admin awesomeness

MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling, Imperial College London

The Sponsors

The RECON Hackfest 1 is co-funded by:

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