RECON gathering

These events are larger meetings aimed at fostering exchanges within the community, drawing a snapshot of state-of-the-art epidemic analysis tools, discussing recent outbreak response challenges as well as future directions taken by our field, and creating new projects.

  • RECON gathering 1 (2018, London): Challenges and Opportunities in Outbreak Response Analytics; this event includes a one-day symposium followed by a day of workshops with 2 parallel sessions: i) a discussion of analytic resources for field epidemiology training, and ii) a community-driven hackathon.

Training workshops

We organise, often with partner institutions, regular training workshops and short courses.

To come

From the closest to the more distant:

  • outbreak analysis in Sofia, introduction to outbreak response analytics, 8-11 October 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • ESCAIDE 2018 pre-workshop, introdution to epiedemic analysis using R, 19-20 November 2018, Malta

  • WHO Afro workshop on outbreak response analytics, 10-14 December 2018, Dakar, Senegal


From the most recent to the oldest:

  • introduction to infectious disease modelling, 21-23 May 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 3-days training in early outbreak assessment, influenza group, 10-12 April 2018 CDC Atlanta, USA

  • 1 week short course Bogota, epidemics analysis and modelling, 11-15 December 2017, Bogota, Colombia

  • Epidemics6 pre-workshop, outbreak analytics, 28 November 2017, Sitges, Spain

RECON Hackfests

RECON Hackfests continue the process initiated during the Hackout events: bringing people together to make new advances in the development of tools for outbreak response.

  • Hackfest 1 (2017, London): making outbreak analysis easier and prettier

  • Hackfest 2 (2017, London): mapping epidemics

The Hackouts series

RECON has been created in the aftermath of Hackouts 1, 2, and 3, a series of Hackathons for infectious disease outbreak analysis. To know more about these events, follow any of the links below:

  • Hackout 1 (2013, London): a hackathon for outbreak analysis using R

  • Hackout 2: G.R.I.N.D.E.R. (2015, London): Graphical Resources for Infectious Disease Epidemiology in R

  • Hackout 3 (2016, Berkeley): analysis and modelling tools for emergency outbreak response