Data Conversion

Functions for computing and converting incidence objects

incidence() print(<incidence>)

Compute incidence of events from a vector of dates.<incidence>) as.incidence()

Conversion of incidence objects

Incidence Curve Visualisation

Functions for plotting incidence curves and models

plot(<incidence>) add_incidence_fit() plot(<incidence_fit>) plot(<incidence_fit_list>) scale_x_incidence() make_breaks()

Plot function for incidence objects

incidence_pal1() incidence_pal1_light() incidence_pal1_dark()

Color palettes used in incidence


Accessor functions for the incidence object


Get counts from an incidence object


Retrieve dates from an incidence object

get_fit() get_info()

Accessors for incidence_fit objects

group_names() `group_names<-`()

extract and set group names

dim(<incidence>) get_interval() get_n() get_timespan()

Access various elements of an incidence object

Data Manipulation

Functions for manipulating incidence objects by date or group

subset(<incidence>) `[`(<incidence>)

Subsetting 'incidence' objects


Pool 'incidence' across groups


Compute cumulative 'incidence'

Parameter Estimation

Functions for estimating parameters such as peak and doubling time


Bootstrap incidence time series


Estimate the peak date of an incidence curve using bootstrap


Find the peak date of an incidence curve

fit() fit_optim_split() print(<incidence_fit>) print(<incidence_fit_list>)

Fit exponential models to incidence data